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Sobremesa Drinks

Vintage 2022 Single Variety Dabinett Natural Cider

Vintage 2022 Single Variety Dabinett Natural Cider

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SOBREMESA Drinks creates terroir-driven farmhouse beers and natural ciders as well as growing their own organic soft fruits in Hay-on-Wye to flavour the drinks. The whole project is based on a circular economy model: growing the fruit, using it within the drinks, and then turning the sub-product into something delicious and closing the loop. Every step in our process celebrates the Welsh terroir.

A true example of the most famous cider apple in the UK, Dabinett, harvested from Throne Farm nestled in a corner of Hertfordshire overlooking the Welsh Black mountains We are very pleased to say that we are the only venue outside of Wales that is stocking Sobremesa Drinks.

Dry, bottled conditioned and sparkling.

Sobremesa Drinks Brisquet - Vintage 2022 Single Variety Dabinett Cider 7.5%

750ml Bottle

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