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Elusive Brewing

Mince Pie Barley Wine

Mince Pie Barley Wine

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Elusive Brewing creates beer with one eye on tradition and the other on taking things to the next level. Founded by a home brewer who went on to win awards at national level, from our small brewery in Finchampstead, Berkshire they'd like to share our game with you. They love the West Coast and take inspiration from the hop loving breweries who pioneered the craft beer movement. Elusive are close friends of ours and huge favourites in the UK Craft Brewing scene.

This Mince Pie Barley Wine is loaded with fruit and spices found in everyone's favourite festive treat. With decadent notes of candied orange and caramel with comforting spice and a warming finish.

Elusive Brewing Mince Pie Barley Wine 8.5%

440ml Can

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