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Essex Spirits Co

Locally Spiced Rum

Locally Spiced Rum

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70cl | 40% ABV

We told you we were Essex SPIRITS Co! So give a big 'welcome to the family'... our first rum! 

'Locally Spiced Rum' is our take on the ever popular category of spiced rums - using of course our local, quality & sustainable twist on things.

So, how have we taken rum & added our twist on 'spicing' things up?

  • We take an overproof blend of Caribbean white rums (we've used white rum rather than aged as it allows us to have a blank canvas to work with in order to add flavours). 
  • We then use only natural ingredients in order to flavour & spice the rum - absolutely NO artificial colours of flavourings are used.
  • We take our rum base & then 'sous-vide' the spices to ensure a consistent infusion & the optimum amount of flavour to be taken from each ingredient. 
  • Our spice line up consists of: Cacao nibs, cinnamon, vanilla & most excitingly LOCALLY GROWN SAFFRON! 
  • Finally, we gently & naturally sweeten the rum with a rich honey from local & sustainable bee keepers! (Our honey is currently from the 'Old Parish Honey', Good Easter).

As always, all of our products are mixed with a pinch of local sea salt plus naturally filtered & perfectly preserved Essex spring water from our friends at Elsenham spring water ( this gives all of our products a delicious minerality & full mouth feel.

**Please be aware when ordering that the recipient of any package must be over the age of 18. ID may be requested upon delivery. 

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