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Down Hall Garden Gin

Down Hall Garden Gin

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40% ABV | 70cl 

Infused with delightful citrus and floral notes, this carefully crafted spirit has been delicately blended with different botanicals, foraged from Down Hall’s very own kitchen garden and across their 110-acre estate. Bay leaves, wild mint, lemon verbena, rosemary and nasturtium leaves all come together with timeless juniper berries, coriander seeds and angelica root to create a lasting flavour and an intensely smooth modern gin.

Botanical / Ingredient List:

- Juniper 

- Angelica Root 

- Coriander Seeds 

- Wild Mint (picked from the lower grounds to the Down Hall Estate)

- Lemon Verbena (Grown in the Down Hall Kitchen Garden) 

- Bay Leaves (from Down Hall's Kitchen Garden)

- Rosemary (Grown in Down Hall's Kitchen Garden)

- Nasturtium Leaves (Grown in Down Hall's Kitchen Garden)

- Maldon Sea salt

- Natural Spring water - Elsenham, Essex 

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