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Army & Navy Strength Gin

Army & Navy Strength Gin

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70cl | 57% ABV

TLDR: Named after the (infamous roundabout) … Made from hops used by the local brewery, distilled using a traditional method & bottled at a whopping 57% ABV… very slightly sweetened with a drop of golden syrup to make this seriously strong yet smooth. 


Our Army & Navy Strength Gin was born out of not only needing a stiff drink after facing the famous Chelmsford roundabout at rush hour… But also due to our love of 2 different styles of historic gin, these were:

- Navy Strength Gin (famously stored aboard navy ships at 57% ABV so it could still be easily ignited if spilled)

- Old Tom Gin (this is the ‘original’ Victorian style of gin - often sweetened to help cover some questionable old school distilling techniques).


How do we make it?

To create this traditional, yet strong, gin mix a base of 6 botanicals & distill them in a ‘one shot method’ (a very traditional way of distilling). These botanicals are:

- LOADS of Juniper 

- Coriander Seed

- Angelica Root

- Lemon zest & juice 

- Hops

- Orris Root

The unique addition of hops (inspired by the local brewery, Radio City Beer Works) which are cold distilled gives this gin a traditional but incredibly unique aroma, which is approachable yet ticks all the boxes for ‘true’ gin lovers.

FINALLY before bottling this gin at a punchy 57% - we sweeten it with a drop of golden syrup to round off the edges & make it remarkably smooth.

…If you look on the label you might even see the famous pub the round about is named after…  

**Please be aware when ordering that the recipient of any package must be over the age of 18. ID may be requested upon delivery. 

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