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Pastore Brewing

Sake Kasu Saison 2023

Sake Kasu Saison 2023

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For this year's edition Pastore took the sake kasu (lees) from Naoki at The Sparkling Sake Brewery up the road from the brewery in Little Downham and primary fermented some rice Saison on it along with their mother culture of wild yeasts before ageing for a further six months on lees and finally bottle conditioning 🥂

The key difference from last year is the primary fermentation - last year's vintage was aged for a month on lees post stainless steel ageing. The primary ferm has brought lots more sake / rice fermentation character with lots of citrus esters & savoury elements. The beer is all together spritzy, rich, complex, acidic & dry!

Pastore x The Sparkling Sake Brewery Collab Sake Kasu 2023 Saison with Sake Kasu 6% 750ml Bottle

* Available from 7th December

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