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Little Pomona

Hard Rain Siegerrebe Cider

Hard Rain Siegerrebe Cider

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Little Pomona crafts ciders and perries and other fermented beverages that speak of the land, that taste of the harvest, that illustrate the wonderful cider making heritage the region is built on, and that look to the future.

Made from the second pressing of Dabinett apples with the addition of water, this was later re-fermented on the skins of freshly pressed Siegerrebe grapes, from Little Pomono's friends at stellar English winery, Astley Vineyard, in Worcestershire. This is their latest reprisal of the old historic drink known as cider kin, it’s an amazing way of upcycling pomace!

This edition has an intriguing nose, fruity, sweet and earthy all at the same time. In the mouth it’s very lightly sparkling, with flavours of Cape Gooseberry and peach, dried flowers, fuzzy apricot tannins and touch of kombucha-esque bite at the finish, making it super-moreish and refreshing. Definitely a glorious aperitif and palate cleanser.

Serve very well chilled. Pour carefully or better still,  rouse to enjoy the lovely sediment!

Little Pomona Hard Rain Siegerrebe Cider 3.8% 750ml Bottle

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