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Branded MPV

Branded MPV

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What on earth does MPV stand for? That’s what you’re thinking right? Well no, it’s not an award given to American Football players that’s MVP, it actually stands for ‘Multi Purpose Vessel’


These beauties are made of stainless steel meaning they are infinitely re-usable. They are ‘double walled’ which means they are EXCELLENT at keeping drinks either cold or hot (meaning your summer G&T’s will stay colder for longer while your winter hot toddy's will keep on keeping you warm), AND they double up as a handy mixing vessel for kitchen martini’s if you’re in a pinch simply fill with ice, gin & vermouth, give it a stir and then pour!


The best bit? It doesn’t matter if you knock it over – it’s unbreakable! (that’s a statement, not a challenge…)


It’s the perfect drinks vessel and potentially the only one you’ll ever need! It’s also a great shape, somewhere between a large ‘copa’ glass and a big tumbler... All of the practicality with none of the broken or chipped glass! 

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