Our Values | Sustainability

The hospitality & drink industry can be some of the worst for waste - we started business to make a difference- so we are unapologetically focused on reducing our waste as much as possible. Here’s some of the steps we take:

  • Low energy distillation (See 'distilling methods' in quality)
  • Our bottles are almost half the weight of the average premium spirits bottle & designed to be used again and again. They can either be used practically around the home or you can refill them with our refillable pouch program!
  • Our refill pouches are delivered with pre-paid return stamps so you can send them back for us to reuse them where possible!
  • Any pouches or items that cannot be reused are sent to terra cycle (a fantastic company that recycles items most collections won’t take – check them out!)
  • Using only recyclable packaging solutions (no plastic is used in our packaging or on our bottles – other than the label which is designed to last as long as the bottles!)
  • Reusing every spent item where possible – we are currently try and re-use every spent botanical by turning it into other accessories
  • It doesn’t stop there, we have a commitment to using exclusively electric vehicles in 2022, and are currently planning for solar energy to power our distillery.

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