Our Values | Quality

What does drinking 'quality' mean to us?

Well other than striving to be & make the best we can we break it down into 2 areas.


From macerating our botanicals (which includes sometimes foraging for them locally & by hand), distilling the liquid and finally labelling & numbering of bottles there isn’t a single product with the ‘Essex Spirits Co’ logo that hasn’t been through our hands. We also pride ourselves on delivering directly to local bars & restaurants to forge strong relationships that are beneficial for everyone.

Distilling Methods

Over the past few years there has been a huge explosion in spirits companies (particularly gin) – we guarantee that we will never use an external distiller or bottler.

Rather than a traditional copper pot still we use a modern ‘rotary evaporator’ this is a piece of equipment that allows us to distil under vacuum. A traditional pot still requires the liquid within to be heated to around 80 degrees Celsius – while we can achieve distillation at temperatures of just 30-40 degrees Celsius. What does this mean? Well it’s less aggressive to the more delicate flavours & botanicals – but perhaps more importantly it allows us to use less energy when distilling, which is of course great for the planet. We're not here to argue if this method is better than traditional 'copper' distillation - but we do know it saves energy!

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